Whether you stumbled onto this page, or are here due to some sort of invitation; welcome and what’s up? How are you? Well, I hope. 

This site has a bit of everything or a whole lot of nothing. It may seem scattered or random, but as a day has much involved in it and to do with it, including the night; a myriad of thoughts, actions, related and/or unrelated they are all part of the whole day. Well, it’s that way with all of the different parts of this site and 'book' for that matter. So, if I may I would like to show you something not so extraordinary, just something simple and genuine in various forms.

Please enter....

Open that which may be closed within you and experience this. This, being fragments of the expanding whole of what is more easily summed up as 'me'. 

The site has my 'first' book and it has images for one’s imagination. There are quotes; for growth, understanding and laughs. There is info, such as live reading dates, times and venues . . . comments, opinions and the usual (what ever that may be). 

I hope you enjoy.